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Stage Exposure opens a gateway of learning at KIDZEAL. It offers children the chance to socialize with other children and learn more about themselves. It helps in promoting intellectual, creative and social development of Students as well as it helps their thought process and language skills.Stage exposure bolsters Children’s creative expression, self-esteem. So The Kidzeal Family provides a platform to our tiny toddlers to help the kids in overcoming with their Stage or crowd phobia. This helps kids in learning to express themselves among many people and gradually they accommodate in their circle, class, friends, school nicely.


It is must for toddlers to learn who they are and to form a sense of identity. Self-Introduction Activities describe what sense of self means for toddlers and it also promotes acceptance of individual differences, and encourage family participation in toddler’s development of self. By organizing such activities, we make sure toddlers often reply with observable characteristics, specific abilities and with more confidence.


Recitation activity helps toddlers to place emphasis on the sound and rhythm of language, thus building a toddler’s phonemic awareness and help to solidify a foundation for reading abilities. The toddler also learn to identify patterns and sequences in poetry recitations. To develop the habit of memorizing the poetry to recite, teachers conduct regular practice and activities for the same. 


Story telling with props is the activity in which children tells their story in their own words by choosing different props on stage, this give them a chance to express their imagination in their own words.






Fashion fades away, but style is eternal!

Our little fashionistas and rock stars are a perfect example of the same! They rock the fancy dress show with their different types of fancy dresses and they speak about their dress and character and truly set the stage on fire with their dazzling performances. Such stage exposure also bolsters the little ones’ creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills. 

By organizing Show and Tell Activity, our school try to inculcate or develop the habit of promoting turn taking, enhancing communication skills, building listening skills, increasing Self-Confidence and encouraging team work among the toddlers. In this Show & Tell activity the children are given the opportunity to speak in front of others. Each child gets to be the centre of attention. Children share things from home with their friends and the teacher.

ROLE PLAY ACTIVITY develops communication and language skills. It allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations, to explore, investigate and experiment, develops social skills as children, collaborate with others. Our teachers conduct Role Play activities on different themes like Role Play on Community Helpers, Super Hero and Characters of Ramayana etc. This helps children learn about different cultures and get children learning more as learning is disguised as play.

show your talent activity gives the chance to each child to show and express their hidden talent on stage like someone dance well, some sings well, someone is great in drawing, someone is perfect in art & craft, someone is great in puzzle solving .some one is great in mimicry & talent is endless , we believe that each Individual is different from each other,

there are individual differences in everyone and we should respect those differences, so we encourage each child to show their talent on stage with full confidence .

It is the most awaited event of the year which is graced by the top dignitaries of the city. Each and every child of kidzeal gets an opportunity to participate in this event with spectacular themes and mesmerizing performances that manifest the Indian art and culture in the most extravagant manner. The passion of the little ones, the undying efforts of the staff and the constant support from parents continues to make it a success every passing year!

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