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Brighter Edge

A Unique Way for Holiday Homework

BRIGHTER EDGE is a concept of Holiday homework that we give on long holidays to make children involve in extra activities. Holiday H.W plays an important part in the overall educational experience of the children. It has several positive effects and contributes to student's academic growth. 

Holiday H.W cover Page 2022.jpg

We design Holiday Homework as a “BRIGHTER EDGE” to ensure students have relevant holiday homework assignments that align with curricular objectives and encourage meaningful learning.

It will require students to go over previously learned material and put it into practice, research, work on creative projects, or investigate subjects of particular interest. Students benefit from having holiday assignments because it helps them build self-discipline and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning. Students can work independently, efficiently manage their time, and develop crucial study skills such as researching, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These abilities are necessary for success in higher education and other fields.

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