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Just like outdoor games, indoor games also provide entertainment and relaxation for children. They will also be able to know the value of sportsmanship and discipline while playing indoor games. Indoor games are very important for everyone and especially for your child. If you think that indoor games are not that you should encourage your child then you should properly read the benefits of indoor games and how much they are important for our life. Indoor games very important for kindergarten

Develops creativity : While playing various indoor games kids may face a wide array of problems and situations which help them to develop some of their skills. They learn to think creatively, analyze problems and solve them. While playing, sometimes kids create their own games and set their rules.

Improves physical fitness : Yes you heard it right. Playing indoor games frequently helps children Improve their physical fitness. They become more fit and healthy. Indoor activities incorporate different body movements and according to the Childcare experts, children who engage in indoor activities develop fast-twitch muscles and improve their reflexes.

Bonding with the family members : In today’s world everyone is leading a busy lifestyle and is stuck between work and social medial. People do not get enough time to communicate with their family members. So, playing indoor games or doing indoor activities on weekends would provide children the opportunity to bond with their parents and grandparents.

Cognitive development : Developing cognitive skills is important for kids as that would help kids to explore and understand how the world works. Indoor games like ludo, carom, chess are highly focus-driven board games. Kids need to use their thinking skills, patience, and intelligence to master these games. So, as they play these games they develop their cognitive skills better than many other outdoor games.

Keep stress at bay : Nowadays kids also feel stressed. They have to finish their homework,
perform better in the tests, and secure good marks; in the process, they become stressed. Playing indoor games quietly with parents or friends would help them to feel relaxed. The fun atmosphere that accompanies the indoor games works as a huge stressbuster for kids as well as adults.

Hand-eye coordination : In Preschools, teachers encourage kids to play various indoor games to develop their hand-eye coordination. Games such as table tennis need constant synchronization between the hands and the eyes.

Comfortable and safe : Most of the parents would agree that while kids are playing outside there is always a risk that they may get injured. But if kids are playing indoor games they are in a comfortable and safe place. Although it is not that they will not get hurt while playing indoor games but the risk factor is quite less.

1. Sensory Play- Texture                                          2. Role Play
3. Puppet shows                                                       4. Sensory Play- Smell
5. Sensory Play- see                                                 6. Sensory Play- Touch
7. Sensory Play- hear                                               8. Art & craft
9. Shape Game                                                         10. Magic Painting
11. Science Time                                                      12. Music & Movement
13. Talk Time                                                             14. Traditional Game
15. Board Games                                                     16. Reading Time
17. Technology Time                                                18. Creative Time
19. ERP Time                                                            20. Water Play
21. Story telling                                                       22. Scavenger hunt
23. Speech time                                                       24. Puzzles
25. Yoga                                                                    26. Skating
27. Dancing                                                              28. Drama
29. Flameless Cooking                                           30. Baking

31. Origami                                                              32. Tie dye
33. Memory games                                                  34. Pottery 
35. Painting                                                              36. Singing

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