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Exercise can be anything that makes children's breathing faster and their heart beat quicker. Sitting less and exercising for 60 minutes a day (not necessarily at once) has many health benefits for children:

  • They will develop healthy bones, muscles and joints.

  • They will develop healthy heart and lungs.

  • Exercise Improves Mental Health

  • Their coordination, strength and muscle control will improve.

  • They will maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Their body will become more flexible.

  • Their balance and posture will improve.

  • Their brain will develop vital connections, leading to improved concentration and     thinking skills.

  • They are less likely to develop chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2   diabetes.

We at kidzeal make sure our daily schedule should include some exercises which definitely works great for children in every way.


✱ Back Turns                                                                  ✱ Jumping Jacks
✱ Side Bends                                                                 ✱ Squat
✱ Side deep squats                                                       ✱ Ski kops
✱ Body rotations                                                           ✱ High knee jacks
✱ Arm crossovers                                                         ✱ Arm circles
✱ Hip swirl                                                                     ✱ Diagonal abs left
✱ Diagonal abs right                                                     ✱ Heel touch
✱ T plank                                                                        ✱ Swing backs
✱ Heel touch                                                                  ✱ Swing Backs
✱ Forward Calf Raises                                                  ✱ Tricep Dips
✱ Standing Crunch                                                        ✱ Punches
✱ Donkey Kicks Right                                                   ✱ Donkey Kicks Left
✱ Leg Lifts                                                                      ✱ Prayer pushes

✱ Body extensions

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