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  1. Demonstrates a talent 

  2. Provides value to other people, including yourself 


✲  Time management skills.                                             ✲  Community development.

✲  Compassion towards others                                        ✲  Self-efficient . 

✲  Improves Physical Health                                            ✲  Instills Social Skills 

✲  Boosts Self-esteem                                                     ✲  Elevated Mental Health

✲  Develops Positive Habits                                             ✲  Helps with Academics

✲  Don’t Make It Harder for Yourself                                ✲  Provides the Right Direction          

✲  Lightweight and Fun Activities

✲  Evaluate Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses 


We believe that phonics is an essential skill for reading, writing, and spelling. It assists children in identifying the sounds that letters of the alphabet make, teaching them how to put these sounds together to build words. A very effective way to teach reading using phonics is by making use of educational games and activities that engage children in learning. We introduce the phonics to kids step by step:


  • Start with phonemic awareness.

  • Introduce letters and sounds.

  • Use the knowledge of phonics to build words.

  • Help kids use the knowledge of phonics to decode new words.

  • Instill a love for reading.

  • Phonemic segmentation learning ideas.


English Readiness Program is a skill orientation program that builds sustainable English-readiness from the early stage, the English Readiness Program is designed to enhance students’ basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing and make them learn & communicate effectively.


Technology is everywhere these days so we cannot keep our kids away from that, so we have technology time in our curriculum where, we make our kids aware of today's technology. we make them explore different equipment like tablet which is especially designed for toddlers to explore different child friendly app which help them to learn their concepts in a fun and interesting manner.
we make their story telling time interesting through talking pen, which help them to listen proper pronunciation so they can speak proper pronunciation in proper ascent.


Science education activities provide children with opportunities to develop and practice many different skills and attributes. These include communication skills, collaborative skills, team working and perseverance, as well as analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Science is the most interesting part of the curriculum as children get the chance to do different experiments like soluble and insoluble items, changing of colour by mixing different colours, making invisible ink, making big bubbles.and many more.


Library time is the time when kids get relax and sit on the mat and take out a book of their choice from book shelf and try to shuffle pages , read the book, see the pictures and try to relate the story sequences from pictures. This help them to develop their reading skills.


Learning Hindi can be a valuable skill for children. Incorporating Hindi into a child's educational experience can help them develop a deeper understanding of the world and its diverse cultures. we believe in making learning fun and engaging . we offer resources and activities that can help children learn Hindi through play based techniques, audio support and engaging stories. By making the  learning experience enjoyable, children are more likely to retain what they have learned and developed the love for language.


Children need to have the foundational mathematical knowledge and skills to help them learn math in the future. Number sense plays a big role in all math disciplines. It is beyond just basic addition and subtraction; it helps children to understand how these operations are related to each other, we do some activities and number sense games for preschoolers. we add some fun to teaching your child number sense with the help of these fun and entertaining activities. like number search, one less one more, place the block, trace the numbers, play dough numbers, count numbers, scavenger hunt, match the numbers and many more.


We at Kidzeal believe that it is important that our students understand the core purpose of reading and the importance of effective reading skills. Reading is important because it develops their minds and gives them excessive knowledge and lessons of life. It supports them to recognize the world around them better. It keeps their minds active and enhances their creative ability. Reading improves their vocabulary and develops their communication skills. Regular reading skills can help improve the concentration, memory, and critical thinking skills. One who develops the understanding of the importance of reading and practices it regularly will have less stress, and that in turn can lead one to be in a good mood, get better sleep, have a healthy lifestyle, and reduce anxiety. 


We at kidzeal motivate children to talk freely during talk time session, as when children hear a lot of different words, they're likely to learn, understand and use plenty of different words themselves. The way you talk to your child is important for helping them learn language. It's all about responding to your child when they show interest in something. we give our children time to find words for their ideas, and really listen when they talk. we, let them finish what they’re saying before you talk. This sends the message that what the child has to say matters.


Life skills are essential for personal growth because they equip children with the capabilities to face real-world challenges. They teach children how to think critically, manage their emotions, interact positively with others, and persist in the face of difficulties. By fostering these skills from an early age, children can develop resilience, self-confidence, and empathy, all of which contribute to their overall personal growth.



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